The Guitar Chord Doctor

"The Guitar Chord Doctor" is Hugh's book on chord voicing, chordal techniques and accompaniment. The book is highly recommended for players, composers and songwriters.

It explores many chord types and techniques. Each chapter contains written examples in standard notation and tablature. All examples can be heard on the accompanying CD and all chapters include suggestions on how to practice the materials.

Table of Contents: Introduction, Triads, Spread Triads, Triads Over Bass Notes, Drop 2 Voicings, Drop 3 Voicings, Open String Voicings, Voicings in Fourths, Intros and Outros, Chords for the Blues, Contrary Motion, Pedal Point, Constant Tones, Approach Notes, Parallel Motion, Accompaniment.

To purchase a copy by post please contact Hugh at:  The book will be more widely available soon.  If in Dublin, it can be purchased at JJ's and Some Neck Guitars, both located on Aungier St., Dublin 2.

Here is a sample chapter dealing with some contrary motion ideas.

Contrary pg1
Contrary pg2

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