Two Heads are Better Than One

Honor Heffernan vocals, Hugh Buckley gtr. 

Recorded with Gavin Ralston at Silverwood Studios in 2015


1.     I Thought About You (Van Heusen/Johnny Mercer)

2.   Rainy Days And Mondays (Roger Nichols/Paul Williams)

3.     Route 66 (Bobby Troup)

4.     Wide Eyed And Legless (Andy Fairweather Low)

5.     Once Upon A Time (Honor Heffernan)

6.     Women Be Wise (John Beach/ Sippie Wallace)

7.     Nobody Else But Me (Jerome Kern)

8.     Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover (Paul Simon)

9.     She Is/Kindred Spirit (Hugh Buckley/Desmond Morris)

10. Chinese Café (Joni Mitchell)

11. Twisted (Annie Ross/Wardell Gray)

The Day of the Duo

 Hugh Buckley gtr, Nigel Clark gtr

Recorded with Gavin Ralston at Silverwood Studios in 2013.


  1. Nobody Else But Me (Jerome Kern)
  2. I Can't Get Started (Vernon Duke)
  3. Autumn Leaves (Josef Kosma)
  4. Blusette (Toots Thielmans)
  5. Ask Me Now (T. Monk)
  6. Have You Met Miss Jones (Rodgers/Hart)
  7. I Love You Samantha (Cole Porter)
  8. Triste 2 (A.C. Jobim)
  9. Autumn Leaves 2 (Josef Kosma)
  10. All The Things You Are (Jerome Kern)


Recorded at various locations in Dublin 2008.

Personnel: Hugh Buckley gtr, Guy Barker trumpet, Ciaran Wilde, Richie and Michael Buckley saxes, Justin Carroll keys, Greg Felton keys, Dave Redmond bs, Shane O’Donovon drs, Tony Oscar percussion. Guest Ronnie Drew, spoken word.

  1. Bright Song
  2. J.W
  3. Miro, Miro on the Wall
  4. Urban Sprawl
  5. A Letter To A Friend
  6. Pop
  7. What Whiskey?
  8. Inspiration for the Bards

ALL compositions by Hugh Buckley    (Available at 


Recorded in New York in August 2000. 

Personnel: Hugh Buckley gtr, James Williams pno, Fintan O’Neill pno, Dave fleming bs, John Wadham drs., Guest Seleno Clarke, hammond organ.

  1.  Kindred Spirit (Buckley)
  2. Floren's Dance (Buckley)
  3. Everything I Love
  4. My Girl
  5. The Norseman (Buckley)
  6. Lush Life
  7. Seleno's Groove
  8. Giant Steps
  9. Gentle Rain
  10. The Way You Look Tonight
  11. Shona (Buckley)


Recorded in September 1997 at Systems Two, New York.

Personnel: Hugh Buckley gtr, James Williams pno, Peter Washington bs, Darren Beckett drs. Guest Richie Buckley, tenor sax

  1. Love For Sale (Cole Porter)
  2. Until Spring
  3. When Wes Was
  4. A Strange Time
  5. Yes Indeed
  6. What Goes 'Round
  7. Nobody Else But Me (Jerome Kern)
  8. Sancia
  9. Minor Detail
  10. Prelude to a Kiss (Duke Ellington)       All compositions by Hugh Buckley except where otherwise stated.

A Fond Farewell - Ronnie Drew

The Last Session - A Fond Farewell – Ronnie Drew

Recorded at Silverwood Studios, Wicklow in 2008. Produced and arranged by Hugh Buckley

Personnel: Ronnie Drew, Hugh Buckley gtr, Myles Drennan pno, Dave Fleming bs. Guests: Mary Coghlan vcx, Damien Dempsey vox, Emmanuel Lawlor vox, Richie Buckley sax, Paul Sweeney trumpet.


Recorded in Dublin in 2010 with Cian Boylan piano and Damian Evans bass. We formed this trio while doing a masters together at D.I.T. The recording consists a varied selection of originals, standards and pop tunes 

  1. These are soulful days (Cal Massey)
  2. Floren's Dance (Hugh Buckley)
  3. Go tell it on the mountain (traditional arr.)
  4. Nobody else but me (Jerome Kern)
  5. No moon at all (Redd Evans)
  6. Yes Indeed (Hugh Buckley)
  7. Girl Talk (Neil Hefti)
  8. Satisfaction (Jagger/Richards arr Tim Ries)
  9. Tadhd's Toon (Cian Boylan)
  10. Estate (Bruno Martino)
  11. Zebra's Crossing (Cian Boylan)
  12. Cibo Blues (Hugh Buckley)


From a 2007 recording with the great Louis Stewart and Dave Redmond on bass.

Louis Stewart and Hugh Buckley

Louis Stewart and Hugh Buckley

From a 2009 recording with the great American guitarist John Stowell. The session was recorded by Michael Buckley.

From a 2007 recording with Argentinian alto saxophonist Ruben Gonzales and Richie Buckley on tenor saxophone.

Hugh, Ruben and Richie.

Hugh, Ruben and Richie.